Tunçmatik PRO DC Charger fast charging station has the performance of fast charging one or two vehicles with the ability to easily charge and pay for your vehicle and adjust the power capacity up to the desired power. In this way, it is among the preferences of busy locations with power sharing. Tunçmatik PRO DC Charger, which has a fully modular design including control system, power supply system, distributed power system, power factor system, allows electric vehicle drivers to get back on the road as soon as possible. PRO DC Charger provides a hassle-free user experience and with ECO energy saving mode, when vehicle charging is completed, the charging station goes into sleep mode (consumption <5W) but if the socket is connected to another vehicle, the charging station will continue to charge, always consuming power efficiently, making it an excellent choice for short stops, motorway rest stops and gas stations. Built-in low-noise fans for quiet operation and replaceable for easy maintenance
Thanks to its filter, it is designed for comfortable and quiet use in residential areas.

Other features;

• IP54 protection, IK10 vandal-proof housing and IK8 touch screen
• Remote software update
• Remote diagnostics functionality simplifies the data collection and analysis process
• Optional charging cable capacity up to 300A
• Output voltage range between 200-1000VDC
• Standard CCS2 socket (optional CCS1 and CHAdeMO socket possibility)
• Easy payment with QR Code and RFID
• Communication via LTE, 4G and GSM
• OCPP 1.6J communication protocol
• Integrated voltage suppressor
• Ground fault including DC leakage protection
• Door opening protection

Usage Areas:

Vehicle fleets, Public charging stations, Shopping malls, Parking lots, Benz

Charging Type Fast DC Charging
Phase 3P+N+PE
AC Input Power 93A 64kVA @400V 50Hz at 60 kW; 139A 96kVA @400V 50Hz at 90 kW; 185A 128kVA @400V 50Hz at 120 kW; 278A 192kVA @400V 50Hz at 180 kW
Voltage Range 400VAC or 380VAC ±10%
Frequency 50/60Hz
THDi ≤%5
Network TN-S, TN-C, TN-C-S, TT (requires external RCD)
Power Factor ≥0.99
DC Output Voltage 200-1000 VDC
Yield Up to 94% (up to 95% at 180 kW)
Maximum Current (CCS Cables) 150A at 60 kW; 150A at 90 kW (optional 200A); 200A at 120 kW; 200A at 180 kW (optional 300A)
Maximum Current (CHAdeMO Cables) 125A at 60 kW; 125A at 90 kW; 125A at 120 kW (optional 200A); 125A at 180 kW (optional 200A)
Hibernate Power <35W
Precharge Current <1A
Inrush Current <100A
Leakage Current 0.8 mA
Socket Option CCS2 (optional CCS1 or CHAdeMO)
Number of Vehicles Supported 2
Cable Length 5m (Optional 6/7m)
Energy Measurement Counter for DC output (AC input optional)
Protection Including Overcurrent, Overvoltage, Undervoltage, Ground fault DC leakage protection, Integrated overvoltage protection, door opening protection
Overvoltage Category Type II
Emergency Button Yes
Cellular Communication GSM, 4G, LTE
Link Internet access via 4G/3G/Ethernet (RJ45)
Communication Protocol OCPP 1.6J
User Authentication RFID, QR Code
RFID Reader ISO/IEC 14443 A/B Mifare RFID reader
User Interface 7" Touch LCD Screen
W x D x H (mm) 740 x 750 x 1830
Weight 60kW 295kg; 90kW 335kg; 120kW 355kg; 180kW 395kg
Operating Temperature -35°C - 55°C
Humidity <95% (Non-condensing)
Storage Temperature -40°C - 70°C
Working Height Up to 2000 meters
Charging System Standards IEC 61851-1 ed 3, IEC 61851-21-2 ed 1, IEC 61851-23 ed 1, IEC 61851-24 ed 1, IEC 62196-2, IEC 62196-3, IEC 61000
Communication with Electric Vehicle DIN 70121, ISO/IEC 15118 ed 1, CHAdeMO 1.2
Electromagnetic Compatibility EN 61000-6-3