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Restaurants and Recreation Centers

Electric vehicle owners want to evaluate areas where they can spend this process efficiently while charging their vehicles. The presence of electric vehicle chargers in restaurants where food and beverage activities are held and various meetings are held may help users choose these businesses. While electric vehicle owners spend in these areas, they can meet some of their needs, especially eating and drinking, and also charge their vehicles by saving time. Thanks to this time evaluation, the income of restaurants and the rate of return of users to these areas may increase.

Recreational facilities, especially those frequented by those who go on intercity trips, are ideal points for installing electric vehicle charging stations. On intercity roads, cars may need fuel and charging, and passengers may need various things. An ideal area can be created where all these needs can be evaluated together with charging stations to be installed in rest facilities on the roads. Since these areas will be utilized during the charging period, businesses at the facility can generate additional income, and passengers can benefit from many businesses from markets to restaurants. Additionally, the vehicle can be charged as soon as possible and return to the road without wasting time.

With Tuncmatik CHARGE, which is one of the few organizations with EMRA Charging Network Operator license and makes a difference with its devices developed with 50 years of industry experience, you can create electric vehicle charging stations suitable for the infrastructures and needs of various restaurants and especially recreational facilities from intercity roads. Tuncmatik CHARGE installs the desired number of units in your targeted areas according to your visitor density. Users' charging consumption, service fees and all charging revenues of the stations can be easily monitored in real time via the Tuncmatik CHARGE E-Mobility Management Panel. Additionally, the availability of stations can be checked via the Tuncmatik CHARGE mobile application and time can be saved with reservation management. In this way, vehicles are ensured to hit the road as soon as possible.

Tuncmatik CHARGE team offers start-to-finish installation, consultancy and infrastructure support for businesses that want to install electric vehicle charging stations. You can determine the most suitable ideas for your business together with our technical teams; You can make an appointment for exploration, application, project planning and infrastructure checks. You can increase the income of your business with Tuncmatik CHARGE's effective commercial business solutions.

Restaurants and Recreation Centers