• Fleet Solutions
  • Nowadays, growing cargo companies need many vehicles with their service areas expanding every day. As the use of electrical energy becomes widespread in the future, electric vehicles will begin to be included in the vehicle fleets of cargo companies. As the number of vehicles increases, cargo companies can solve the charging problem themselves by having electric vehicle charging units and ensure uninterrupted distribution.
    This service can also be an effective solution for companies and fleets that supply short- and long-term vehicles to corporate companies. As the number of electric vehicles in these fleets increases, they can ensure that vehicle service continues with their charging stations or units. Additionally, the presence of electric vehicles in the fleet may provide incentives for the use of these vehicles.
    With tuncmatik CHARGE, one of the few organizations that has the EMRA Charging Network Operator license required for the installation and operation of electric vehicle charging stations, you can create electric vehicle charging units suitable for the infrastructure and needs of your businesses with a vehicle fleet. Tuncmatik CHARGE installs electric vehicle chargers, developed with 50 years of electricity sector experience, in any number you want, according to the capacity of your business.
    Charging consumption at stations can be easily monitored in real time via the Tuncmatik CHARGE E-Mobility Management Panel. In addition, the availability of stations can be checked via the Tuncmatik CHARGE mobile application.
    Tuncmatik CHARGE team offers turnkey installation, consultancy, infrastructure and technical service support from start to finish for businesses that want to establish an electric vehicle charging station. You can determine the most suitable ideas for your cargo and vehicle fleet companies with our technical teams and make appointments for application and infrastructure checks. You can increase the income of your business with Tuncmatik CHARGE’s commercial business solutions.