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Manage all processes together with tuncmatik CHARGE.

Tuncmatik Charge offers a wide range of solutions for your investments. Tuncmatik carries out turnkey station installation and monitors technical and technological upgrades on your behalf.

tuncmatik CHARGE

What is needed to set up a charging station?

A zoned land owned or leased by you

Non-sanitary business license to be obtained from the municipality

Operator certificate to be obtained from tuncmatik CHARGE

Energy connection from the electricity distribution company

Always with you with Turkey's widest technical service network

tuncmatik CHARGE is ready to become the widespread and preferred brand of tuncmatik in a short time, which has set out to implement new generation technology investments with the aim of fast, high quality, full service stations.

tuncmatik CHARGE

Decide on the best solution for electric vehicle charging station installation with the Tuncmatik CHARGE team

Discovery and Consulting

Free on-site discovery and consultancy service with our experienced engineers and Tuncmatik service teams all over Turkey

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation

Turnkey installation for construction, permitting, electrical and legal infrastructure

24/7 Widespread Service and Maintenance Network

Chargers are high-tech products; no market electrician can repair and maintain them. tuncmatik CHARGE provides on-site services in 81 provinces with its trained human resources who are experts in Power Electronics.

Project Planning and Equipment Supply

Providing and projecting the equipment and long-term financial solution that best suits your needs

Bank Financing Solutions

For your investment with the assurance of Tuncmatik Charge, you will be able to find solutions suitable for your financing needs through contracted institutions.

E-Mobility Management Panel

You can access detailed usage reports of the stations you invested in from the web-based Tuncmatik CHARGE Portal and follow your earnings in real time.


CE certification and EMC electromagnetic compatibility certification are required by law. tuncmatik CHARGE prefers products with reports received from internationally accredited certification bodies instead of the manufacturer's declaration.

tuncmatik CHARGE

tuncmatik CHARGE
is always with you
with the mobile application

Start your charging immediately via APP with effective reservation management.

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    tuncmatik CHARGE is implementing new generation technology investments with the aim of fast, high quality, full service stations.

    tuncmatik CHARGE experienced team will create a discovery appointment to produce the most suitable solutions for you. Afterwards, the most suitable system will be decided.

    Our Tuncmatik authorized service network in 81 provinces is ready to support you 24/7 with its expert staff.

    Our expert financial and technical team will be with you throughout all processes.