Dear customer, in order to initiate the WARRANTY process for UPSs of 6 kVA and above, the request form below must be filled out.

Your device is TUNCMATİK ELEKTRİK A.Ş. In order to be guaranteed by TUNÇMATİK ELEKTRİK A.Ş., its installation and assembly must be carried out by technical services authorized by TUNÇMATİK ELEKTRİK A.Ş.

Before the installation process, all installation operations of the location where the installation will be made belong to the customer and the operations must be completed before the called team arrives. If a lack of necessary electrical preparation is detected, a service report is issued and the installation is canceled. In this case, a new appointment date will be given in the second assembly call. The second service request for a product that cannot be installed the first time due to customer reasons will be made for a fee.

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