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Hotels and other accommodation areas that host thousands of people every day are another ideal spot where electric charging stations should be located. Regardless of the reason for visiting, many vehicles are parked in hotel car parks for long periods of time. Having charging units for electric vehicle users at these points provides great convenience for visitors and advantages for businesses.

Hotels with charging stations affect the accommodation preferences of electric vehicle users. The presence of charging stations in hotels, which are especially preferred during intercity journeys, allows vehicle owners to turn directly to these businesses. In this way, users do not need to think about charging needs during their stay.

Hotels and other accommodation establishments that prefer to have charging units in their car parks can increase their number of visitors and therefore their income. Businesses can generate additional income by collecting both accommodation and charging fees. Hotels can stand out by making a difference with this innovative feature and be a part of the environmental transformation.

You can create electric vehicle charging units suitable for the infrastructure and needs of your hotels and other accommodation establishments with Tuncmatik CHARGE, one of the few organizations that has the EMRA Charging Network Operator license required for electric vehicle charging station operation. Tuncmatik CHARGE, with its electric vehicle chargers developed with 50 years of industry experience, installs any number of units in your hotel car parks according to the visitor capacity of your business.

Users' charging consumption, service fees and all charging revenues of the station can be easily monitored in real time via the Tuncmatik CHARGE E-Mobility Management Panel. Additionally, the availability of stations can be checked via the Tuncmatik CHARGE mobile application, and your hotel visitors can meet their vehicle charging needs by saving time with reservation management.

Tuncmatik CHARGE team offers turnkey installation, consultancy, infrastructure and technical service support from start to finish for businesses that want to establish an electric vehicle charging station. You can determine the most suitable ideas for your hotel and accommodation businesses together with our technical teams and make an appointment for application and infrastructure checks. You can increase the income of your business with Tuncmatik CHARGE's commercial business solutions.

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