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Health Institutions

Health institutions are another area where human traffic is intense and where people can spend long periods of time depending on need. In these institutions, where saving time is very valuable, the availability of charging stations for electric vehicle owners provides great convenience for both patients and their relatives.

The presence of electric vehicle chargers in healthcare institutions allows users to meet their charging needs while they spend time there and to be prepared for emergencies that may arise. The same convenience also applies to electric vehicle owners working in these organizations. Healthcare personnel can save time by charging their vehicles during their working hours. Thanks to electric vehicle chargers, healthcare institutions can generate additional income for their businesses. Making these devices available to outside vehicle owners can help increase revenue for businesses.

With Tuncmatik CHARGE, one of the few organizations with EMRA Charging Network Operator license, you can create electric vehicle charging stations suitable for the infrastructure and needs of healthcare institutions. Tuncmatik CHARGE, which makes a difference with its devices developed with 50 years of industry experience, installs the number of units you want in your targeted areas according to your visitor density. Users' charging consumption, service fees and all charging revenues of the stations can be easily monitored in real time via the Tuncmatik CHARGE E-Mobility Management Panel. In addition, personnel working in the facility and hospital visitors can check the availability of the stations via the Tuncmatik CHARGE mobile application and charge their vehicles by saving time with reservation management.

Tuncmatik CHARGE team offers start-to-finish installation, consultancy and infrastructure support for businesses that want to install electric vehicle charging stations. You can determine the most suitable ideas for your business together with our technical teams; You can make an appointment for exploration, application, project planning and infrastructure checks. You can increase the income of your business with Tuncmatik CHARGE's effective commercial business solutions.

Health Institutions