Let tuncmatik CHARGE manage on your behalf

It provides economic contribution to site management without the burden of investment with its revenue sharing model.

For example, if each household provides its own device for a building of 35 flats, these devices cannot work and their installation is not allowed due to the lack of infrastructure. However, if 5 tuncmatic CHARGE stations are installed for 35 vehicles, adequate service will be provided to these vehicles. By solving the infrastructure and collection problem, it provides additional income advantage to the site management.

Why tuncmatik CHARGE?

The electrical infrastructure of the sites is not suitable for more than one individual to receive their own charger.


According to the current EMRA regulation, site managements are prohibited from selling electricity for a fee.


In order to operate a charging station, it must make an agreement with a licensed network operator.


There must be at least one, but not less than 5%, electric vehicle charging station in the parking lots of new buildings.

Tuncmatik CHARGE Team offers installation, consultancy and infrastructure support in construction projects from start to finish. For special units for construction projects, sites and apartments, you can choose the most suitable package from our solution center together with our technical teams and make an appointment for application and infrastructure checks.