Fuel Stations

When it comes to fuel needs, gas stations first come to mind. Due to this habit, electric vehicle charging..

Shopping Malls

Shopping and living, which people use for many needs, especially shopping and dining..

Business Centers and Plazas

As the use of electric vehicles becomes more widespread, the need for charging units and stations has begun to arise in many areas.

Public Institutions

Government offices and municipalities that people visit to get some of the work they need in their lives done.

Hotel and Accommodation

Hotels and other accommodation areas that host thousands of people every day have electric charging stations.

Parking Lots and Operations

Parking lots are rare areas where vehicles stay for long periods of time. Parking of vehicles both hourly and throughout the day..


To evaluate areas where electric vehicle owners can spend this process efficiently while charging their vehicles..

Health Institutions

Health institutions are another area where human traffic is intense and where people can spend long periods of time depending on need.

Chain Markets

Markets are areas where many people spend time, whether short or long, depending on need, but are visited by many people during the day.


Enterprise Solutions

You can determine the most suitable ideas for your business together with our technical teams; You can make an appointment for exploration, application, project planning and infrastructure checks.

Housing, Site, Residence

It installs electric vehicle stations or kiosks for Contractors producing Housing, Site, Residence Management and Construction Projects with its experienced team.

Fleet Solutions

Turnkey installation, consultancy, infrastructure and technical service support is provided for businesses that want to establish an electric vehicle charging station.