Tunçmatik PRO+ DC Charging Station is a turbo mode ultra-fast DC charger model for our valued customers and can charge your electric vehicle faster than other model devices. Thanks to its turbo mode feature, it can charge one or two vehicles ultra-fast at the same time. It can be preferred in busy locations with its power capacity up to the desired power and power sharing features. This device also has a user-friendly 32″ Smart LCD Touch Panel. Tunçmatik PRO+ DC Charger, with a fully modular design including control system, power supply system, distributed power system and power factor system, allows electric vehicle drivers to charge their vehicles in the shortest possible time. The perfect solution for short-term breaks, highway rest stops and gas stations, the PRO + DC Charger provides an uninterrupted user experience and always consumes power efficiently thanks to its ECO energy saving mode. When the electric vehicle charging is complete, the charging station goes into sleep mode (consumption <35W) even if the charging gun is connected, but the charging station continues to charge if the charging gun is connected to another vehicle. It is designed for easy and quiet operation in residential areas with its built-in low-noise fans and replaceable filter for easy maintenance.

Other Features;

• IP54 protection, IK10 vandal-proof housing and IK8 touch screen
• Remote firmware upgrade via APP (OTA)
• Optional boost mode reduces charging time and increases efficiency by 28%
• Up to 500A charging capacity thanks to booster mode
• Standard Output Voltage range from 300-1000VDC at 30KW fixed output power per module, faster charging efficiency
• Multi-language support for 32" LCD touch panel
• In-house developed controllers, CCS and OCPP charging modules
• The charger has passed 33 rigorous environmental and thermal shock tests from -35°C to 55°C to ensure system reliability.
• The DC power module is equipped with UL-certified epoxy resin automatic injection to sustain dusty and salt air testing to improve environmental compatibility.
• Supports OCPP 1.6 JSON network and 4G
• Adaptation of OCPP network security protocol to implement OTA feature
• Passed cloud network protocol testing and verified by OCTT
• Linux 5.10 operating system and CPU implemented with cyber security standards

Usage Areas:

Vehicle fleets, Public charging stations, Shopping malls, Parking lots, Entertainment centers, Petrol stations, Business centers, Stopper location, University campuses, Sites

Charging Type Fast DC Charging
Phase 3P+N+PE
AC Input Power @400V 50Hz 386A, 256kVA @400V 50Hz, 484A, 320kVA @400V 50Hz, 582A, 384kVA @400V 50Hz
Voltage Range 380/400/415 VAC
Frequency 50/60Hz
THDi ≤%5
Network TN-S, TN-C, TN-C-S, TT (requires external RCD)
Power Factor ≥0.99
DC Output Voltage 200-1000 VDC
Yield Up to 94% (up to 95% at 180 kW)
Maximum Current (CCS Cables) 300A air cooled cable (Peak 500A) Optional 500A liquid cooled cable
Hibernate Power <35W
Short Circuit Current 10 kA
Precharge Current <1A
Inrush Current <100A
Leakage Current 0.8 mA
Socket Option T2: AC Type 2, C: CCS2 cable
Number of EVs Served Up to 2 CCS2, up to 1 TYPE 2
Cable Length 5m
Energy Measurement Standard: Meter for DC output, Optional: AC input
Protection Overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, integrated overvoltage protection, ground fault including DC leakage protection, door opening protection
Overvoltage Category Type II
Emergency Button Yes
Cellular Communication 4G
Link Internet access via 4G/Ethernet (RJ45)
Communication Protocol OCPP 1.6J
User Authentication RFID, QR Code
RFID Reader ISO/IEC 14443 A/B Mifare RFID reader
User Interface 32” LCD high contrast touch screen, optional 15.6”
Software Update Yes
Language System English, Turkish, French, Spanish, German
Degree of Protection IP55 and IK10 (cabinet) / IK8 (touch screen)
W x D x H (mm) 750 x 710 x 2200
Weight 240kW 544kg; 300kW 608kg; 360kW 672kg
Operating Temperature -35°C - 55°C
Humidity <95% (Non-condensing)
Storage Temperature -40°C - 70°C
Working Height Up to 2000 meters
Charging System Standards IEC 61851-21-2, IEC 61000, IEC/EN 61851-1, IEC 61851-23, IEC 61851-24, IEC 62196-1, IEC 62196-3
Communication with Electric Vehicle DIN 70121, ISO/IEC 15118
Electromagnetic Compatibility Class A according to EN 61000-6-3:2007 (optional Class B)

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