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Chain Markets

Markets are areas where many people spend time, whether short or long, depending on need, but are visited by many people during the day. The presence of an electric vehicle charging unit, especially in chain market areas established on a large area, allows market visitors who own electric vehicles to choose this place. Users can charge their electric vehicles and do their grocery shopping during the time they spend in markets. In this way, they can use their time productively.

Electric vehicle charging units located in chain markets provide additional income for the business. In addition, cross campaigns can be carried out between the business and the use of charging units. In this way, different advantages can be created for electric vehicle owners and they can be encouraged to choose these points for both shopping and charging. Additional income can be generated by opening charging stations to external users.

With Tuncmatik CHARGE, one of the few organizations with EMRA Charging Network Operator license, you can create electric vehicle charging stations suitable for the infrastructure and needs of chain markets that many people visit during the day. Tuncmatik CHARGE installs the number of units you want in your market area with the chargers developed with its 50 years of experience in the electricity sector. Users' charging consumption, service fees and all charging revenues of the markets can be easily monitored in real time via the Tuncmatik CHARGE E-Mobility Management Panel. Additionally, the availability of stations can be checked via the Tuncmatik CHARGE mobile application and time can be saved with reservation management.

Tuncmatik CHARGE team offers start-to-finish installation, consultancy and infrastructure support for businesses that want to install electric vehicle charging stations. You can determine the most suitable ideas together with our technical teams and make an appointment for application and infrastructure checks. You can increase the income of your business with Tuncmatik CHARGE's commercial business solutions.

Chain Markets